All-inclusive Dude Ranch Vacation in Wyoming Wilderness

Message to friends of T Cross from the T Cross Ranch families.

Dear T Cross Ranch friends and extended family:

As T Cross Ranch approaches the beginning of its second century, it is also transitioning to a new phase of ownership. As a result, there will be no guest season in the summer of 2016.

T Cross Ranch is owned by a small group of families. Some have multi-generation associations with the ranch as far back as 1939; others have less history but no less love for the place and the wilderness around it. All are proud of their stewardship of T Cross since the new millennium began.

Generational changes have lead the families to believe that the time has come to search for new stewards of T Cross. The ranch has been listed for sale at Live Water Properties ( We are confident that T Cross will find new owners who appreciate its beauty and history as much as we do. It is a one of a kind place - rare in any part of the world - and deserves a one of a kind owner or owner group.

We will share news about the future of T Cross at this site. In the meantime, we express our gratitude to the thousands of guests, employees, and visitors who have enjoyed the ranch over the last 15 years of our stewardship.

Sincerely, the T Cross Ranch families



T Cross has a timeless magic. The dude ranch lies inside the Shoshone National Forest at an elevation of 7,800 feet, surrounded by an untouched country of pine forests and open meadows, trout-rich streams and small lakes, with endless vistas rising well over 11,000 feet—scenically magnificent.

Through the T Cross gate you will discover a pristine wilderness. Our backyard, the Washakie Wilderness Area of Wyoming, covers 704,274 acres, adjoining the southeastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Wilderness in one huge chunk of very wild country. From atop our well-trained horses, guests discover rugged mountain trails revealing a myriad of wildlife seen only in the greater Yellowstone area. Most guests, however, remember the T Cross for its familiar atmosphere that blends the color of the West and the relaxing comforts of home.


As our guest, you will experience a wide-range of accommodations and amenities whether you are traveling as a family, couple, or corporate group. Open up your itinerary for our all-day horseback riding, hiking, fly fishing, gourmet ranch meals, blue skies, kids' program, evening entertainment, and new friends.

The T Cross has been operating as an all-inclusive guest ranch since 1918, continuously offering unforgettable experiences that motivate generations of families to vacation with us year after year. As Louis L'Amour wrote, "There's a little cowboy in all of us, a little frontier." Experience the charm and warmth as you and your family step back to the Old West—and find your frontier.